Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Burst Angel - DVD Vol 1 of 6

Burst Angel - DVD 1 - Death's AngelVolume 1 of Burst Angel (Death's Angel) introduces us to Kyohei Tachibana, a culinary student who wants to earn money so he can study in France to be a pastry chef. He responds to a flier for a job and discovers that there is more to his prospective employers that meets the eye. The four girls who hire him are Meg, Jo, Sei and Amy. They are freelance operatives who have taken on the task of righting wrongs in New Tokyo where everyone wields firearms. They will take on corruption both in the underground and within RAPT - the police force.

So far in this volume we see very little besides the a brief glimpse of each character's personality and a lot of somewhat mundane action. Kyohei is the typical weak and naive male character surrounded by several girls seen in a lot of harem anime (although there is no "romance" as of yet other than their love for his cooking). Sei seems to be the leader of the group since she drives the truck and gives orders. Amy is the brains of the outfit and can do almost anything with a computer. Jo is the brawn - she's quiet and tough and pilots the cybot. Meg is the ditsy one who always gets into trouble and has to be rescued.

At this point the stories are rather bland. I was hoping for a little more umph to start out the series but, as of now, I have little hope that it will be good. The artwork is okay and I do like the voice actors for the girls. I cannot stand the voice for Kyohei though. It sounds a lot like Spike Spencer but is done by Greg Ayers. It sounds completely different from his work on Spiral.

Rating for now is 2 out of 5. Hopefully this will improve...

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