Monday, September 10, 2007

Burst Angel - DVD Vol 2 of 6

Burst Angel DVD Vol 2 - New TokyoVolume two of Burst Angel is entitled New Tokyo. This DVD contains episodes 5 through 8.

Things don't get a whole lot better here. There are two story arcs told in two episodes each. Apparently there is something to this glowing brain thing that the creature from the school and the flying bird both have in common. Apart from Jo noticing it, there isn't a whole lot more expanded upon in this area. I looks like these mysterious mutations will be the binding theme for the series but development is very slow at this point. It's still uncertain exactly what these girls are doing and why. I'm still a little unsure of what Kyohei's role is to be after such a fuss was made over him in the first episode.

The characters still are a little bland except for Meg who's ditsy-ness is shown more. I like the background music used in these episodes but I hate the opening theme.

Still a 3 out of 5 for now.

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