Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Burst Angel - DVD Vol 6 of 6

Burst Angel volume six is somewhat of a let down. Sure there is action and all that but the story just leaves something missing. At the end you kind of get the feeling that, okay, we knew all this was going to happen, but what about...? Perhaps there was to be more to the story and it was cut short. I don't know. It was enjoyable (i.e. not unwatchable) and the artwork was good for the most part. The CGI is fairly obvious but to too obtrusive. The characters are well drawn (even if their measurements vary per episode) but, they have no real depth to them. I left the show not really caring too much who lived or died and why.

All in all not entirely a waste of time but still not what I was expecting.

3 out of 5.